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Hello and welcome to Dilquin Standard Poodles. My name is Cindy Harvey and my poodles and I reside in central Alberta, Canada.
About Me

My family always had pets, and after the tragic death of a relative, we welcomed into our home a blue Miniature Poodle named Cuddles. In 1988, I walked into my father's house and saw the most adorable white toy poodle performing tricks at the tender age of 5 mths. She was adorable and like all novice people, I told the breeder I want a boy just like that!

 In 1989, I brought home Silver Dream, C.D., known more commonly as Buster. Except for learning an amazing amount of tricks and vocabulary, he was nothing like the cute white poodle I had seen a year earlier. He was 9.5" tall by 11" long and had no idea that he was a small dog. We did try dog shows and he got 1 point, but he did not enjoy showing and wasn't really structurally correct, so we took on obedience and agility. Again, not really his thing but if Mom wanted him to, he would try. His favorite spot on the agility course was in the center of a tunnel!

I loved Buster, but quickly realized that small dogs were not for me, so I started doing my homework. At the dog shows I would check out all the hypo-allergenic dogs and found myself constantly drawn to Standard Poodles. In 1995 I was thrilled to welcome into my life a wonderful blue poodle Can. Ch. Quincy is a Dandee, CD.  He was the start of my love affair with this incredible breed!

Why Dilquin?

This is a question I have been asked many times. The name is a combination of names of two standard poodles that I hold dear to my heart. One as mentioned above, was Quincy. The other standard poodle was Dillon. To understand why we are Dilquin, click on the links below to read their stories.

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