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Ch Dilquin's Unbridled Justice "Justice"

Health Testing

Justice was definitely pick of a very wonderful litter.  In the backyard as a puppy, he modeled the effortless ground covering movement of his Uncle Indigo as well as his uncle's love of packing toys.

He did not enter his first show until he was 10 months old, at that show he went Best of Winners twice and Winners Dog once earning 8 points towards his championship.  He came back out at 17 months and finished his title by going Best of Breed over specials and making the cut in a very competitive group.

I need to thank Allison Foley and Mary Ellen Whyte for showing him that first weekend when I ended up being called into work.

Justice is Squarely built with a balanced front to match his rear.  With head and tail carried high, his default gait is an effortless ground covering trot.  He is a sweet mischievous boy who loves everyone and never misses a meal or treat.

Justice will have his health testing done in 2018 and we hope to bring him out in 2019 to complete his Grand championshhip. In the meantime we are working on preparing him for his performance career.

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